Take some time to focus on yourself on one of our Healthy Lifestyle and Wellbeing Workshops in a beautiful location in Dorset.



In the summer, think beautiful light and airy spaces, sunny countryside walks and gentle outdoor activities. In the winter, think cosy log fires, the soothing sound of the rain on the windows, fresh walks in the woods and plenty of meditative activities.

Our healthy lifestyle workshops are designed give you the reboot you need. Healthy living is not just about how much physical exercise you do and the food you eat, it also requires a good positive mental attitude. This day will empower you to make the changes needed to help you fulfil your potential and engage in permanent, positive healthy changes.

The day isn’t about sitting you down and talking at you. It’s about giving you the space to consider what you could change and how. There will be time to reflect, time to relax, time to get active and time to learn…..

Full itineraries for each workshop will be shown once the dates are released. They will be designed to follow the five ways to wellbeing:

Connect: Connect with a small, supportive community.
Be Active: Take part in a low impact strength building class (suitable for all levels of fitness) while learning about the body and why it’s important to do load bearing exercises.
Take Notice: Be curious! Enjoy a walk on your own in the peaceful countryside location, take part in a guided wellbeing walk or do something a little different like a Gong Bath (bathing in sound….no nakedness required!) or Laughing Yoga.
Keep Learning: Learn about what small, sustainable steps you can take to help you on your path to a healthy lifestyle. Understand why carbs are not the enemy, why sleep is so important, why changing your thoughts on exercise could benefit you and that you can enjoy a cream tea without any guilt.
Give: This one is a surprise!

Why are our workshops different?

We will take the time to get to know you before the workshop even starts; to make sure you get the most out of it as possible. This means that no one workshop will be the same – no copy and paste carbon copy schedules! And our care doesn’t stop the minute you wave us goodbye on the day – you will have the option for us to connect a few weeks later to make sure you are making the progress you wanted, with the ability to answer any questions you’ve found along the way.