This is why we do what we do…..

8 week progress: Nutrition Only Programme

I requested Rachel help me with my nutrition with the goal of losing a little bit of ‘lockdown’ weight. For this she compiled a nutrition plan which set my overall calories for each day and ‘macros’ of fat, protein and carb splits. I had envisaged having to live off crackers and soup, but in reality I could eat roughly what I wanted, just being careful of portion sizes. Rachel suggested tracking the food in the MyFitnessPal app, and also measuring out food portions. Initially I was a touch reticent to do this as it seemed faffy but once I got into the routine it became second nature. It was also very interesting how easy it is to under estimate quite how much you are eating! In the end I lost 5.9KG in 2 months, going from 67.2KG to 61.3KG. I feel better and the weight loss is visually very noticeable. I intend on continuing with many of the things I’ve learnt from Rachel during this time and it’s given me increased confidence that I can lose more weight in the future if I desire.

Kieron – 8 week Nutrition Only programme (disclaimer: This is Rachel’s husband!)

8 week progress: Online home PT Programme

I have been watching Rachel’s own personal journey with fitness for a while and have always found her posts inspiring especially her physical updates. I always wanted to try and do the same. I took on this challenge hoping to get a bit fitter and stronger – 8 weeks at home with only a set of dumbbells I wasn’t sure if I was able to change much about my physique but wow oh wow!My body has changed dramatically – a post 2nd baby tummy is much more sculpted and my arms and back are much more toned. Legs are stronger and I can run further and still feel good with little recovery time!

Not only has this helped my physical strength but my mental strength and I feel so much more confident and better about my body. Rachel has been fantastic and supportive all the way through- from the weekly check ins, zoom calls and the nutrition advice. Nothing is forced and it is always based on what you can do ad that you definitely CAN do it!Thank you so very much!! Lets keep it up!

Caroline – 8 week home PT programme

8 week progress: Online home PT Programme

Wow, what can I say apart from a huge thank you. I was stuck in a serious rut of feeling tire, no energy, not happy with my body and I completely lost track of a healthy diet. Rachels plan, guidance, motivation and support gave me everything I needed to get back to where I wanted to be, and inspire me to continue on. I found the tailored exercises and workouts perfect in helping me achieve what I wanted to when I first started the program. Superb nutrition and diet advice throughout. The support and guidance from Rach through the weekly check ins, videos and catch ups really motivated to keep pushing myself. I am now at a point where I am looking forward to my workouts, where before I used to dread doing them. Highly recommend getting in touch with Rach if you want to make a change. She will get you to where you want to be 🙂 Thanks again Rach, looking forward to the next one 😀 😀 😀

Jack – 8 week home PT Programme

Gym Based PT Client:

I started training with Rachel six months ago. I found a strength training plan that I wanted to do to support my running, however, I had no idea what the exercises were, how to use the equipment and didn’t want to injure myself. I also suffer from gym fear! Rachel put me at ease straight away and much to my surprise I found myself looking forward to going to the gym. Rachel listens to my needs, adapting the training to fit in with my racing. Rachel trains me in a way that suits me personally. I was terrified of being drilled and shouted at, but Rachel is quietly encouraging and knows just the right amount to push me to keep me motivated.

Rachel has given me the confidence to go to the gym on my own. However, I love our PT sessions as they are great for identifying any issues where I’m not doing exercises correctly, for additional tips and having completed my strength training plan and definitely feeling stronger for it, I’ve decided to work on strengthening areas that the original plan hadn’t covered. I let Rachel know what I wanted to focus on going forward and she has been brilliant at introducing a range of new exercises and equipment. I’m loving it!

Rachel is professional and knowledgable and understands my training needs. I’m so glad I plucked up the courage to contact Exclusive PT. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rachel!

Sharon – Gym Based PT Client