Do you need a goal and focus for your training?
Do you want to transform more than just your body?
Transform your life, change your habits, and let me educate you as you get your best results & keep them!
Let me help you achieve a sustainable and healthy result and end the course with the ultimate confidence boosting group photoshoot.

For an investment in yourself of less than £25 per week, you will get:

An initial 1hr 1:1 PT session:
A 1:1 session to go over basic techniques and give you an initial confidence boost.

12 week progressive programme on a Training App:
3 or 4 sessions a week (depending on your schedule) programmed on trainerize – an online training app where you will have all of your progress and a record of the work you’ve done at your fingertips

A weekly private gym session (led by rachel):
Gym facilities at R Lukins Fitness (near Blandford) open privately for those that are in one of my three clubs (maximum 25 ladies) on a Sunday afternoon (4pm – 5.30pm). Rachel will be there for the duration to help and guide you through your session.

Weekly in-person (or online) check-in’s to make sure you are progressing:
Check-in with Rachel on a Sunday afternoon either face to face at the gym session, or online if you can’t attend in person. Talk through the week, get support with anything you are struggling with, ask any questions to help you progress and discuss your nutrition.

Nutrition coaching tailored to your goal:
Receive a nutrition plan, tailored to you and your goals. Whether this is fat loss, body recomposition, maintaining your weight, or weight gain. My aim is to guide you away from quick fixes, fad diets and dieting and inspire you towards creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through realistic and practical advice.

Please be aware that I am unable to: Prescribe diets or supplements to treat medical and clinical conditions; Prescribe diets to treat symptoms of medical and clinical conditions; nor diagnose medical conditions.

Support and guidance:
I am there for you when you have any questions – either via messaging on the training app, via WhatsApp, or in person if you train at R Lukins Fitness. I am there for you to check your technique via video analysis outside of the group coaching session. If you feel you need any additional 1:1 sessions through the 12 weeks, this can be arranged on an adhoc basis.

This is a lifestyle gym shoot. It’s not to get as lean as possible, it’s to see yourself in a different light – more confident; empowered.
Maybe your goal is to wear shorts for the shoot, maybe it’s to show off your sculpted arms, or maybe it’s just to have the confidence to be in front of the camera. You can wear what you like – there is only one rule…..come with a positive attitude a smile and the mental belief that you are the best version of yourself both physically and mentally.

The photoshoot is not mandatory, but it is included in the package cost. We will do individual shots and group shots, and you will be given them in digital format to do what you wish with.

There are two options for payment below. Either pay a deposit now to secure your place, or pay in full. Full payment is required by the end of December 2022.

This club will be held at R Lukins Fitness, Pimperne (near Blandford). If you are not a member, you are able to pay for 3 months membership to cover you for the duration (£32 per month).