Give Me Strength Online Membership is a training programme dedicated to building you a stronger body and mind . My programme can help you build confidence, focus on what your body can DO (not just what it looks like), and prioritise long-term progress. I can’t wait to help you get stronger! I’ll take care of the exercise selection, sets, reps, rest, progression etc (don’t worry if that means nothing to you…I’ll break all the jargon down too!) – to keep things fun yet effective. All you have to do is give the programme all your effort.

As I am currently at capacity for face to face training, I wanted to offer something to those of you that are waiting for a space to open up. It also means that you now don’t need to be close to me to train with me!

My online membership is a hybrid of online coaching and programming for beginner-intermediate level ladies wanting to feel stronger than ever.


  • An affordable way to have a Strength Coach/Personal Trainer.
  • Train from any gym at any time – fit your workouts in around your life.
  • Increase your full body strength with a well rounded programme.
  • Improve your confidence in the gym by having a structured programme to follow with video examples.
  • App based programming meaning you can easily keep track of your progress.
  • Professional and personal advice on how to keep yourself progressing.
  • A high level of flexibility, convenience, and affordability all while instilling the knowledge you need to achieve long term health and fitness goals.
  • It’s my goal to make getting stronger as easy and accessible as possible. I will provide detailed notes for the week so you know what to focus on, and I will explain why for those that are interested.
  • Rather than cherry picking workouts from Instagram, not knowing why you are doing certain exercises or having a plateau in strength, this dedicated strength programme will provide a focused and clear path to a stronger you.

How it will work…..

  • You will receive an on-boarding pack which breaks everything down as simply as possible.
  • You will receive access to a fitness app called Trainerize where you will be able to log all your sessions and track your progress.
  • The package includes 3 full body strength workouts per week. However, if you can only make 2 of them, that’s not a problem.
  • You can film any exercise and send it to me for feedback via the app.
  • This package is an affordable way to way to make progress in the gym. It is also a lot more flexible as you can fit your training times around your life – not when I am available!
  • Video calls are available on request.

Ok…so do i consider myself your coach? Yes – absolutely! but are you getting a full on coaching experience? No. coaching is a lot more bespoke and reactive than programming. However – I am there for you when you need motivation. I am there for you when you have any questions. I am there for you to check your technique via video analysis. That part of the coaching experience will never change. However – what i can’t currently do is tailor your programme each week. I will give you the tools to make sure you know how to push yourself each week. If you give this programme your best effort, it’s a very affordable way of making progress in (and out) of the gym.

Drop me a message for the cost – but I promise it’s affordable and there is absolutely no commitment if you enquire but then feel it’s not for you.